Berserker Grappling

Foundation Academy

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Heil ok sæll my fellow Viking brothers and sisters, 

My name is James Simpson, I have extensive experience in martial arts and self defence, 
I started out training in traditional martial arts such as aikido, jiu-jitsu and karate, I then moved on to reality based self defense systems and became an instructor in the following, 

Krav Panim el Panim, 
ABC Combat Systems knife, stick, empty hand
NLB knife defense 
Panantukan Concept
AXE and Tomahawk fighting 
BEAST Self Defense 
Box Dirty Panantukan


Glima fits perfectly into my style of no BS teaching, a grappling system that when it goes to the floor you fight back to your feet to win, well that's reality folks, you don't want to stay on the ground in real life!


Sheffield, location TBA