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Instructors & Academies

Here you will find a growing list of Instructors and Academies around the UK who have passed the UKGF standards and grading system and are, or are about to begin teaching Glima. All of the Instructors and Academies listed below, and more whose details we be coming very soon, are the foundation of Glima in the UK. The very roots currently taking a hold in our soil. Find one close to you, get in touch and begin your journey!


Alex Rogers

Raven’s Claw Glima are proud members of the UK Glima Federation and the first Glima Academy ever to be incorporated in the UK. We are part of an unbroken line which dates back to Viking age Scandinavia. 


James Buchanan

Viking Training System

Foundation Academy

Edinburgh, Scotland

25 years of experience in education and coachingis condensed into a proven training system based around strength, power and endurance. And now, to compliment the strength, power and endurance of the Vikings is their very own combat system.


Jez Parks

Later this year the Wandering Wolf will be offering 1-to-1 coaching, teaching the old ways outdoors in the elements. And I'll be guest coaching at various Academies and events around the country.


James Simpsom

My name is James Simpson, I have extensive experience in martial arts and self defence, I started out training in traditional martial arts such as aikido, jiu-jitsu and karate, I then moved on to reality based self defense systems and became an instructor.


Steven Scott

Steven Scott has been training in martial arts since 1980 studying Judo Shukokai Karate and Aikido and now he also teaches Sport & Combat Glima as an accredited instructor at Úlfhéðinn Glima Hall, a UKGF Foundtion Academy.


Odin Tunningly

Hi, I’m Odin Tunningley, Midgard Combat Club founder & Head Instructor.

MCC are the only UKGA accredited club on the Isle of Wight (Wihtland), offering top level instruction in the art of Glima.

northern path.jpg

Kris Ayrton

Northern Path Glima

Foundation Academy

Newcastle & Sunderland

I'm Kris Ayrton a Judo coach of over 5 years. I am incredibly excited to be bringing Glima to Sunderland and Newcastle later this year as a Foundation Instructor with the UKGF. 

Gravesend Grappling.jpg

details coming soon

Junior Sealey

Gravesend Grappling

Foundation Academy

Gravesend, Kent

Full details coming soon

Glima (1).jpg

Liam Williams

Liam WIlliams is a Coach at Southend Combat Academy.  As well as fitness classes, he also teaches Freestyle Nunchucks, Bartitsu, Shillelagh and Cognitive Kali. And beginning in October, Sport & Combat Glima.


Nic Sanderson

Jorvik Wild Boars

Foundation Instructor


I'm Nic from Jorvik Fitness in York. I'm proud to be a UKGF Foundation Instructor. I'll be offering 1-to-1 and group training sessions in Glima from later this year, and plan to open a full time Academy in the near future.

ironside 2.jpg

Tony Barlow

Ironside Glima

Foundation Academy

Stanford Le Hope, Essex

I'm Tony, I have been involved in martial arts since 1980 and have trained in Judo, Freestyle/Greco Roman Wrestling, Sambo, Karate, Savate, Muay Thai, Boxing, Jeet Kune Do and Pancrase/MMA.


The UK Glima Federation

More National Academies

And Instructor Pages 

Coming Soon!

More Foundation Instructor and Academy details are coming soon.

If you are a Martial Arts Instructor and you want to join us on our raid of the UK by training to teach Glima, get in touch now!

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