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Jorvik Fitness is all about promoting the benefits of a healthly lifestyle through the use of Combat Sports and general fitness and supporting you through the changes. Later this year we will be introducing the Viking's very own combat style, Glima, and integrating it into our fitness sessions as well as holding independent Glima classes. To begin with this will be 1-to-1 and group sessions but we have plans to open a full time academy in the very near future. 


Jorvik Fitness will be home to “The Jorvik Wild Boars” Glima team training sessions. Every class will focus on warming up, techniques, fitness and then finish off with a few rounds of sparring with cool down/stretch off at the end. 

The Instructor

Hi there, my name is Nic, I‘m a qualified L2 fitness instructor.

I have been training and competing in mixed martial arts close to ten years now. I have won multiple British titles at various weights in MMA and the ISKA world championship in MMA.

I have experience in MMA, BJJ, Thai and Submission wrestling. 

I have coached and cornered many fighters in MMA over the years, with very successful results. As a coach I am alway seeking education and new knowledge to improve my teachings. My aim is to bring out the beast in you, mentally, physically and emotionally.

Stay Sharp, Be An Axe!


York - Full details coming soon

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Phone: 07429 141671