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Honouring the unbroken tradition of Viking Glima

Coming soon to take the UK martial arts scene by force, Glíma, the Martial Art of the Vikings. Still relevant over a thousand years on in the dojo or on the street. Check out the events page at for forthcoming masterclass events and to find an academy near you.

We who train in Glíma are the guardians of an unbroken tradition which can be traced back to Viking Age Scandinavia.

From a humble beginning where Glíma simply didn't exist in the UK we have so far built a strong and solid foundation of coaches who will shortly be training and qualifying as Glíma Instructors. They will be taking Glíma back to their home towns, villages and cities and opening their own ’Glimuholl’, academy’s where they will teach the honourable art.

One such academy is already active. The first of its kind ever to raid the UK is Raven’s Claw Glíma in Northamptonshire. Based in Towcester on Watling Street.

Watling Street itself is a historic place and the perfect location for a Glimuholl for it is the very road that separated Danelaw from English Rule in the Kingdom of Mercia. Many battles have been fought here and Raven’s Claw are upholding that tradition today.

Here's a video from Raven’s Claw of an outdoor friendly sparring session at the end of training. See for yourself the intensity of the fight and watch the speed and balance involved to take the win in the final of the 5 rounds.

To find out more about Glima including where you can train read more about the UKGF on our website , blog posts or message us via our website or facebook page

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