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The Essential Glima Fighter's Pocket Translator

We’ve put this English/Norweigan Translation together to help students through their gradings. Yes, you DO need to know Glima Teknikker terminology for gradings.

Print it, use it in your training sessions, practice the language just like you do with the art itself and it will become second nature. Lykke Til!

Stance Stilling

Glima Wrestling Stance Brytestilling

Glima Combat Stance Kampstilling

Balance Breaking Balansebryting

Strike Slag (pron. Schlag)

Slap Klaps

Open hand strike Åpen Hånd Slag (pron. Open Hond Schlag)

Closed hand strike Hammer Slag

Front 'snap' kick Spark

Front thrusting kick Skyve Spark (pron. Shive Spark)

Counter to strike/Kick Techniques: Kontreringer

High block interception Høy Blokk

Wrestling/Grappling Techniques Bryting / Grappling Teknikker

Break the clinch Bryte Clinch

Break clinch counter Bryte Clinch Kontring

Grip Grep

Handsal, also called "Glima grip"

Wrist grip Håndledd Grep (pron. Hondheld Grep)

Neck grip Nakkegrep

Friction grip Friksjon Grep

Throwing Techniques Kast

Neck Throw Nakkekast

Hip Throw Hoftekast

Shoulder throw Skulder Kast

Outside leg reap Utvendig Fotfeiing

Outside foot sweep Utvendig Fotsveip

Ground Techniques Bakke Teknikker

Discomfort Techniques Ubehags Teknikker

Finger pressure Finger Press

Thumb pressure Tommel Press

Knuckle pressure Knoke Press

Elbow pressure Albue Press

Knee pressure Kne Press

Ground Defence Bakke-Forsvar

Copyright 2019 (C) UK Glima Federation

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