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The Road to Mastery

With any art form, be it painting, music, dance or the martial arts there is always much for a new student to learn. A good teacher of any art can successfully relay the techniques required to meet certain standards, a great teacher can further relay the intricacies required within those techniques to advance the students craft, but the greatest teachers of all are time and one’s self.

There are many things which at first do not make sense to the student. Some techniques may seem unnecessary, pointless even. It is not until you understand the art in its entirety from its conception to its future that the bigger picture becomes visible and all the small pieces fall into their rightful place in the students own mind.


Look ahead; a day, a week, a year, 10 years. All that is guaranteed is that that period of time will pass, nothing more nothing less. The person you become in that time, the skills you develop and what you learn is entirely down to you. If you apply yourself to learning something new, anything at all, you can become greatly skilled in that art. Spend time learning the basics, advance, learn more, develop and practice to hone the skills which are structured and mandated within that art and in time you will ace any test, exam or grading with which you are presented.

One's Self

Learning a skill, an art, training and repeating what you have learned within a structured framework over a period of time is the easy part. True development comes only when we understand not just the techniques, but how 'we' utilise them. How as unique individuals we react in different situations, the way our own mind and body works is one of a kind, one of 7 billion kinds. This cannot be taught by any teacher or by time alone, this deeper level of understanding can only be taught and learned by one’s self. You’ve learned the techniques, you have practiced them repeatedly over time - now learn how to change them, tweak them, evolve them to enhance not the techniques themselves but your use of them. When technique blends with the mental and the physical of the individual - then and only then does the student become the master.


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