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The Instructor
Steven Scott has been training in martial arts since 1980 where he began studying Judo as a child in his home town. In 1984 he changed disciplines and moved his studies to Shukokai Karate, beginning a 16-year Karate career in which he gained his 2nd Dan black belt, taught locally and nationally, and also competed nationally throughout the UK and with the Scottish National Karate team. 
In 1993 he expanded his training and development by beginning to study the then little known martial art of Aikido, a discipline translating sword and staff movements and techniques into body movement to undertake powerful throws and locks to vital locations and joints. He continues to teach and practice Traditional Aikido, its roots and techniques derived from Aiki jujutsu, and the arts modern applied fighting principles in Scotland, with clubs in Argyll, Ayrshire and Glasgow.

In addition to his martial arts experience, Steven has also served with the Royal Marines and has also engaged with and assisted Strathclyde Police for a brief period, both in a Strategic, and instructional basis. 

He is also a qualified first aider and Shiatsu therapist, and teaches classes in relaxation, mindfulness, and meditation.




Argyll and Bute, Ayrshire, and Glasgow


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